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Normie – The Normie Rowe Story

When Normie Rowe finally decided to tell his story it was a choice of what bits do I tell? Should it be a tell-all tale or something with a bit more grit to it; the real story of what goes into the making of a career at the top of the music tree and the after effects of what happens next when life gets in the way. That is the story he has chosen to tell.

Norman Rowe was born in Melbourne in 1947, the son of a working class couple and was raised in a working class suburb of Melbourne called Northcote. This was fairly standard state of affairs after the Second World War when Australia was struggling to rebuild and reassess the way forward for so many people.

At an early age he developed a love of music and was encouraged to sing in the church choir and of course history has now been written with the pathway that he was to follow; that of becoming arguably the biggest pop star Australia had ever seen  in the mid ‘60’s, with all but one of his singles released at the time reaching number one on the Australian charts. He was a household name, spending his time touring up and down the East Coast singing at any venues, country wide,  that would have him and his backing band.

England was the mecca for all pop performers in the “60’s with Normie Rowe well on his way to move overseas. Australia became involved in the Vietnam War about this time and he was drafted into the Australian Armed Services, spending two years in Vietnam as a member of A Squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment at Fire Support base Kerry and other areas.

By the time he returned, a changed person, life in the world of music had moved on: He had missed his main chance to move into the British Pop scene and had to step back and reassess where he was going from there.

His pathway led him to becoming a regular face on television and eventually too becoming an acclaimed performer of musical theatre with his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserable becoming one of the highlights of his incredible career.

He is frank with his discussion about  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, his, and the consequences of this  of remaining undiagnosed, his slow but steady recovery and the peace he has come to learn to treasure many years on.

Even if you have never heard of Normie Rowe, Pop idol, the story of Normie Rowe, person, is one that can and does talk about changes, coming to grips with life’s uncertainties and survival when you find yourself at the bottom of the heap, after a long downward slide.

 It’s the story of a survivor who has faced his demons, and although far from mended has learned to accept what life has to offer, good and bad.

Authorwith Ed Nimmervoll
PublisherNew Holland Publishers