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OPA! This is my story.

A young Alexandra immigrated with her family to Australia from Greece for a better life.

Like all immigrant children, Alexandra and her brother grew up adopting the language and culture of their new country.  Their parents though, maintained most of the old ways.  This caused constant conflict between them all.

Alexandra managed to avoid an arranged marriage and returned to her island home, Samos and her Yiayia (Grandmother).  Here she experienced the social freedom denied her back in Australia with her parents. Life was good.

Upon her return to Australia and her parents, Alexandra had the struggle of settling into the family routine following months of absolute freedom.  After her brother’s wedding the pressure was on for Alexandra to be married.  Eventually she gave in to her parents demands.  It was not a happy marriage, and the only shining light was her son, her angel, Gabriel.

Alexandra found the strength and courage to leave her husband and begin a fresh life.  It was not an easy time, but finding a job and having the support of her friends and psychologist helped tremendously.    On her 30th birthday, Alexandra’s closest friends presented her with a cheque to cover the cost of flights to Europe, for herself and Gabriel.

Back in Samos, Alexandra reconnected with her friends and her lover Elias.  They married and had a blissful life together, and each December they would return to Australia to spend Christmas with her brother Kon and his family.  When Gabriel was 18yrs, Elias lost his battle with cancer.  Three years later, Gabriel died.  These deaths individually devastated Alexandra, but so close together they nearly crippled her emotionally.  With a quiet determination she began to rebuild her shattered life.

And so she returned to her home, Greece.  There she settled into a casual job and began to enjoy life again.  Then along came Alex.  He had been popping in and out of her life recently, at different locations and in vastly different situations.  Love blossomed, then they separated, and then they met by chance again in Australia.

Take this truly unique life journey with Alexandra. It will make you laugh, cry and dream.

AuthorAlexandra Voulgari
PublisherNew Holland Publishers
ISBNISBN: 9781742574608