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Running with Sherman

Running With Sherman, the tale of a down and out donkey who made good, is an absolute delight. Christopher McDougall has crafted a story that will remain in your heart and mind for a very long time, as it tells the tale of a hapless donkey who had been loved almost to death, buy an obsessive owner, being rescued by a kindly soul in the same community, who realised the animals this man loved so much, were suffering badly.

McDougall, well known for his best seller Born To Run, had no idea he really was looking for a rescue donkey, until he was asked to house this donkey in with his already attitude prone group of assorted animals, to give him hope of a better life, if at all possible.

After much discussion with his wife and daughters the answer was of course, was Yes, until the poor creature arrived, almost too far gone to be saved: but with the help of friends and neighbours, a lot of love, a compete extrovert of a goat named Lawrence, Flower, a larger than life donkey, Tilda, a miniature donkey who loved to be first, and eventually The Amish Running Club, Sherman was given a fresh new lease on life.

This heart-warming story of Sherman, how he conquered his fears, of which there were many and became strong enough to compete in the World Championship Pack Burro Race held in Colorado, a gruelling race for the humans, and enjoyment pulse for the Burros, is a complete pleasure from the first page.

But there is far more to the story than rescuing Sherman, as in the process of getting him fit and able for the race, Chris learned much about the human and donkey spirit, as Sherman’s needs reached out to offer a pathway forward for a struggling young athlete, saw the world of the Amish people embrace the challenge of this somewhat temperamental donkey, a donkey who touched the hearts of everyone who had contact with him.

Christopher McDougall is a born storyteller who has woven life’s journey with that of a donkey called Sherman, into a tender-hearted story and one in which the wonderful healing bond that occurs between animals and their humans was never more apparent.

Running With Sherman simply portrays that no matter how bad things sometimes can be, a helping hand, offered with love, understanding and respect, makes sure that anything at all is possible.

Author Christopher McDougall
Publisher Profile Books
ISBN 9781788162272
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released November 2019