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Stuff You May Have Missed

“Rugby League is a simple game played by simple people. Rugby Union is a complex game played by wankers.” Laurie Daly, former Australian League Captain when describing the nature and culture of Rugby League.

Perhaps that is a good place to commence the write up on this fact filled, fun filled book: a place where a statement has been made, an opinion has been presented and it is now up to you to decided just how much you are going to enjoy, and whether or not you agree with Daly, as you read a fascinating book filled with “Stuff you may have missed”, courtesy of Andrew Voss.

Andrew Voss simply cannot imagine what his life would have been without Rugby League. Perhaps there is no other life than one that involves this highly controversial sport, which shows the highs and lows of what is in truth a tough sport, played by massive men, in what could be a modern day version of the very ancient art of war, before things got modern.

But digression is what the book is all about, as Andrew as a young boy played a bit of the sport but decided that his real passion was to become a commentator, sometime, somehow in the future. It was something he dreamed about and believed, as all children do, when they are passionate about something, that it would be so.

In his case, it was so and his dream became a reality giving to him a life filled with travel, fun,  laughter and a good rollicking as he has, in his own way, bought the sport alive to a many over his career . He is a man who has earned his place in the commentary box, earned the respect of the players and coaches over the years, as well as the members of the public who have enjoyed the many and varied aspects of Andrew Voss, Rugby League commentator.

As with all sports there is more than one side and in this light-hearted look at what really does happen behind the scenes, the changes that have been made to the sport and why, he adds the personal touch to a tough, frequently blokes only scene that really, in many cases has to be understood to be believed!

His experience as a commentator for Rugby League takes you behind the scenes of the variations for the ground set-ups, goes back into the history of the players, past scores, tries, the good and bad of travelling and his journey of becoming a person who realised his dream of commentating what he considers as the only game to play.

If you are not at all sure what you are in for with this book, just a take a look at the Contents page which reads like a list of quotes, which in some cases it is, but more importantly sets the pitch for what is tucked away in the pages.

He describes the almost indescribable, such as the day a beanie did indeed save his life, the ‘Food that you may have missed’, which is a chapter heading, as is ‘Salami-Gate’, which seriously does make you wonder.

His trademark character, his incredible knowledge of stats behind the game, his firm friendships and otherwise of many players old and new, grace the pages adding to the fun and enjoyment of the many tales to be told.

Designed to be opened anywhere in the book and a snippet enjoyed, or read from cover to cover, Voss has once again presented Rugby League in his own flamboyant, skilful and enjoyable manner.

AuthorAndrew Voss
PublisherNew Holland Publishers
DistributorNew Holland Publishers
ReleasedJune 2017