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The Boy in the Moon

This book has sat waiting for review for some time –six months or longer to be exact. It has taken me that much time to have the courage to read this amazing look into the very personal emotions of this man called Ian Brown.

Ian and his wife gave birth to a lovely little boy child they called Walker. Walker was to become a force to be reckoned with in their life, bringing turmoil, despair, hope, joy and love to them in the most unexpected ways.


Walker was born with an exceedingly rare genetic mutation which did not allow him to develop in the same manner as other children. The condition is so rare that it confounded even the most learned of doctors and therapists.


Ian Brown lets us see inside the life of his family as he and they struggle to cope with the challenges presented to them daily by Walker simply being Walker.

Poignant, disturbing, brutally honest and raising a myriad of questions, many without answers, Brown has detailed a fathers love for his one very fragile, amazing little boy who bought and gave so very much to their lives.

Cathartic to a degree for Brown, and also incredibly brave, this book gives hope to many and hope to all that in every situation, no matter how bleak, there is always something to be learned, love to be had and joy, along with knowledge to be earned, treasured and enjoyed.

AuthorIan Brown