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The Flying Bushman An Australian Story of Life Above the Land

In describing his life as a bushman, Greg Keynes gives us a clear insight into how life has changed in the outback. The story of his childhood and early years in Western Australia is one of back breaking hardship for his parents. He had a huge amount of freedom as a child, but gradually he needed to take on more of the workload to help his father. His mother looked after the family home and was always available to help when children from the local tribe were ill.

Life was routine, with everyday jobs for all, and never much time for resting. Greg’s mother not only looked after the home and cooked, but also schooled all the children. She was a happy and caring person, while the father, perhaps because of continual concerns and pressures, was stern. Growing up with few cares, Greg and his siblings enjoyed their outback easy lifestyle although they worked to help do the endless jobs on the station.

Running a large cattle station in in the Pilbara meant droving cattle and it took many men to complete the roundup and muster. Times were changing though, and Greg could see that there had to be a better way to cover the vast amount of land that they had. He ultimately gained a pilot’s licence and flew a helicopter to assist in many of the long-haul drives.

The book begins with Greg’s description of flying his helicopter, and his feelings as the engine cut out. The story then begins with his childhood. His descriptive language and the pictures he paints with words make the reader feel part of the family and understand how they operated in difficult circumstances. The humour which he introduces about the everyday things such as the thrill he got as a kid when examining the local dump, make this a most satisfying read.


Author Grey Keynes
Publisher Gelding Street Press
ISBN 9781925924558
Distributor Gelding Street Press
Released September 2020