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Where We Swim

Where We Swim as a title immediately draws in a reader who is interested in swimming and nature, travel, and family; but first, the swimming. Ingrid Horrocks explains feelings about immersing her body in water. Any water: baths, pools, oceans or rivers. She describes the wonderful feelings when a swimmer can sense the “Water of my body contained within the water of the sea.” I get that! Gradually we follow Ingrid’s journey, from childhood to the present day. We see how she swam as a child with her mother and embraces the sensations of immersing her body in water.

As the story progresses, we discover that Ingrid has a partner and twin nine-year-old daughters. They live in New Zealand. The family visit Ingrid’s parents who live near the sea, and we meet the people who have influenced her life and thoughts in a happy and relaxed way. The story is relayed in chunks of special times in their lives.

The author’s brother lives in Columbia, hardly a safe tourist destination, but one which she was drawn to because of strong family ties. Some of the tourist activities they embark on are dangerous and frightening. Her brother is confident the family will come to no harm as he takes them on some hair-raising activities which are described in detail, leaving a cautious reader to grip the book tightly.

Episodes of importance in Ingrid’s life are relayed in this book. Her thoughts and musings on environment and nature are interesting and progressive. Reading this story is almost like being a neighbour of the family, watching as they grow, relate and discover a wider and wider world. Thank you, Ingrid, for including us in your journey and musings. The love of water and immersion is special.

Author Ingrid Horrocks
Publisher UQP
ISBN 9780702263408
Distributor UQP
Released July 2021