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Bucket of Doom

In a similar vain to party classics like ‘Cards Against Humanity’ or ‘Drunk Stoned or Stupid’, Bucket of Doom will have you bending your morals and constantly second-guessing your perception of what you thought was acceptable for the dinner table.

Similar to the aforementioned party games, Bucket of Doom is played with cards and a comedic imagination. The aim of the game is to escape the absurd and laughable situations presented to you by a scenario card; which pits the players in almost certain death. The catch is your escape plan can only be hatched with the object cards in your hand, which may vary from an eyeball, to a miniature pony, or a photo of Steve Buscemi, (so no easy task). You and your friends pitch your plans to one and another and then vote for the best escape, the winner keeping the scenario card.

This game best suits ages 17 and over, but a quick combing through the object cards would probably be wise if this is to be played in a family situation. Other than that, the sheer volume of the scenarios, objects and combinations between the two make it seem like this game would have near unlimited replayability. Couple this with friends, drinks, or any social gathering and you’re going to have a blast.

Distributor Crown and Andrews
Released 2018