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Linkee is a party game played with teams and a question master. It is well presented in a sturdy box which is brightly coloured and appealing. On opening the box, we find a minimum of pieces consisting of three sets of cards, four pads and four pencils. There is a sheet explaining there are a very few rules, and the game is fun and simple to learn. It is a trivia and word association game, where you can have many players in teams.

To begin, you need to select a question master who will ask all the teams the same four questions, which are on one card.  Once the answer to the questions has been written down, the trick for the team is to find the common link that all the answers have. When this is agreed upon, the team shouts out LINKEE, and gives their answer. If the answer is correct, the team wins that card which has a letter on the back.

The object of the game is to spell the word LINKEE… If no one gets the link, a clue is on the card which the question master can read out. There is also a way in which you can trade letters with other teams to get the word LINKEE sooner.

The game sounds simple enough, but actually it is a little trickier than it looks.  Once you begin to play the game, as a group of our friends did, answering (mostly) simple questions was good, but then the brain shift that was needed to find a link between the answers, took us a while to master. The fascinating thing was, that when you began to think laterally, it all became much easier, and suddenly, we were all shouting out answers rather than sitting quietly looking puzzled.

The questions ranged widely and it has been suggested that it could be helpful if they were divided into easy, regular and hard groups. From pop culture, to history and geography, the questions are varied, but with a team, it becomes easier to bounce ideas around.

We finished up having a lot of laughs, although the game is not designed to be played for a length of time. This is certainly one to involve the teenagers in, although all ages will have fun.


Distributor Crown and Andrews
Released November 2017