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Pass The Pen: The World’s Fastest Drawing Game

Pass the Pen is a drawing game suitable for children, (aged 8 and up) and adults. It is in a colourful strong box which has good visual appeal.

The beauty of this game is in its simplicity. Time limitations add pressure to the player who is drawing, and those who are interpreting the drawing.

To begin, the player picks a card. On the card are several objects or scenarios. Each one is given a colour. The player then rolls a dice which will show a colour which relates to the object on the card.

The player then picks up the pen, and on the pad provided, begins to draw the object named on the card. It is here that the pressure builds, as the ink tube in the pen begins to retract so the drawer has only 10 seconds to complete the drawing.

When the tube has retracted, the player stops, and the others have to guess what the drawing is. Some of the objects can be represented quickly and easily, but some are more difficult to determine.

This is a fast-paced game which keeps all the players actively involved, and participating. Although simple in concept, it is a great deal of fun, both for those skilled at drawing and those not so artistic.

Distributor Crown and Andrews/Goliath Games
Released 2020