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Scrawl is a new game, for ages 17years +. It promises fun for up to eight players. The strong yellow box holds eight clipboards with dry wipe canvases, eight scrawl pens and cloths, and two hundred and forty scenario cards to lead you astray. Watching the game being played, you get to understand the laugh out loud humour that it generates.

Each person is given a blank card with a clip. You then choose a Scenario card; you need to choose which colour card to play with. When you have your scenario card, you draw the statement. For example, it could be “ MOOBS, or DUTCH OVEN” When you have completed your drawing ( no words allowed), you pass you clipboard to the player on the left. Then you get a blank card and clip it on the drawing you have been passed. Write down a description of the drawing on the blank card, pass it on to the next player.

Continue the pattern of drawing and describing until your own card is passed back to you. Each player lays out the scenario card along with all the guesses and chooses their favourite answer. They allocate that person a point, and a mark on the score card.

Many of the scenario cards make you shake your head with disbelief. How does one draw “Shaving a llama, or Adopting a cactus?” The amount of fun you can have with this game is only limited by your imagination. When all is taken into account, it isn’t the drawing that is important, but the concept or idea behind it. It is also fascinating to see how individual we all are when approaching these dilemmas. Great fun, but certainly aimed at older children and adults.

Distributor Crown and Andrews
Released 2018