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Test Match Card Game

Test Match is a great card game for all those cricket enthusiasts who have been starved of cricket lately. The Test Match game comes in a solid plastic green box. There are two compartments at the front of the box which opens out to reveal three sets of cards, “Fielding Cards, Stroke Cards, and Force Field Cards. There is also a set of dice, a score pad, and a “Rules of Play” booklet.

The player places the cardboard divider, in the large compartment, in the box. The umpire dice is placed in the smaller compartment. The two players toss a coin to see who will bat first. The batter takes six stroke cards from the top of the stack, and the fielder takes six cards from the Fielding pack. Then the game begins.

This is a game with enough choices and variables to keep two young players engrossed and happy for quite some time. There are helpful tips given and a few hours would be needed to see the completion of play. Because the box is so compact, the game could be played in a car, or confined space, and it is easily packed, to pull out at any given moment. Lots of fun for cricket enthusiasts!


Distributor Crown and Andrews/Goliath Games
Released 2020