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Truth Bombs: A Party Game by Dan & Phil

This explosively funny party game, suitable for those over 14 years of age, created from the minds of the popular BBC1 radio show The Dan and Phil Show or otherwise known as The Radio 1 Request Show with Dan and Phil, comes packaged in a sturdy, colourful box, contains 140 Truth game questions, 160 target sheets, 7coloured mats and 8 truth pencils. To play the game, you need a group of eight players or less all with a zany sense of the ridiculous.

To begin the game, the coloured mat is laid out on the table, and a matching coloured card is placed upon the mat. Each player is then given an answer sheet and a pencil. The player writes their name on the Target box, and then passes the sheet to the player on the left. The game is now ready to start. You look at the name on top of the sheet, and then choose one question for that person. You need to make sure that you have written the answer in the correct coloured box.

When everyone has written their answer, you pass your sheet to the left again. The players continue to do this until all questions have been answered. Then you read out a question on the table, and everyone gives their answer. The target person decides which is the best answer and then tries to guess who wrote it. Points are scored for correct guesses. The winner is the person who guesses correctly, the names of the people who answered the questions.

The questions are quite innovative, and include things like, “What is their hidden talent, what is their greatest fear, which actor would play them in a film, and in one word, describe their taste in partners.”

As the answers are read out after the sheets are filled in, there were a great many laughs around the table at the creative and interesting answers that were produced.


Distributor Crown and Andrews
Released 2018