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Wahu Skim N Hoop Pool Game

If you are looking for a game to keep your children occupied in the pool this summer, this is it. Skim n Hoop is a colourful, inflatable, sturdy toy with the ability to be converted into many activities. The dimensions are 150 cm long 144cm high and 86 cm wide. Once the plastic has been inflated it serves as a focal point for throwing the ball.

There are two basketball hoops, three circular targets, and a detachable net on the back. A ball is included. The structure floats on the water and the aim is to get the ball into the hoops or into the targets. On the back side, the net is placed so the balls can be thrown over it. A small repair kit is also included.

We tested this game at a public pool for a pool party. It seemed that younger children were less interested, but 5 year old’s and up enjoyed the challenge. The older children soon mastered the whole idea and it seems that playing in teams was the popular way to go. At this time, we only had the one ball supplied, and several lighter balls. The heavier ball was more easily thrown and aimed. Having the game as a focal point in the pool was popular.

An air pump is needed to inflate this device, and a selection of balls would be helpful for all children to participate. There was a great deal of interest by the children when the toy arrived, and the older children stayed the longest.

Distributor Crown and Andrews/Goliath Games
Released 2020