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I’m Not A Numbers Person

I’m not numbers person is a phrase that is commonly heard and has been for many, many years; but unfortunately in today’s world, that little ‘cop out’ phrase can no longer be used to avoid the one overriding element of modern life, that of Data or numbers.

Data is in every element of modern life, whether we like it or not. From the minute you own your first mobile phone you become part of the data world of numbers, figures, fact, logarithms and statistics, to someone or some company. Actually from the minute you are born you become part of data!

Selena Fisk has taken the fear out of the word Data or numbers, in her well-constructed, easy to read book I’m Not A Number Person, which thankfully has been written in easy to understand language, not jargon, which does make an immense difference when delivering information on data.

Numbers are not something that come easily to a lot of people, let alone being able to interpret what those numbers are telling or illustrating in the world of business analytics, therefor it is excellent to have such a book which sets out and gives clear direction on how to not only conquer the fear, but begin to understand and even love data, and what is can and will tell you, once you learn to interpret the figures.

Curiosity is a good beginning and once the layers are understood and the mystery, if you like, uncovered, along of course with practice, the world of Data becomes one of fascination. Regardless of whether you are a small business owner of a massive Corporation, data is a vital element of your business, perhaps more so than ever with massive competition for the dollar and the business.

Fisk speaks a lot about Data Storytelling which is of vital importance to encourage growth on a personal and company level, in regard to getting people involved with data, even if is it somewhat of a challenge, but also helps present a clearer understanding of the impact of Data and the modern way of managing business.

I’m Not A Number Person is a must have, must read book for anyone who is facing issues with data, wants to understand what they already know on deeper level or are just beginning to understand the massive importance of data in the modern world.

Author Dr Selena Fisk
Publisher Major Street Publishing
ISBN 9781922611369
Distributor Major Street Publishing
Released May 2022