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Integrate Why Work-Life Balance Is a Myth, and What You Really Need to Create a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Work life balance is that amazing thing we are all striving to achieve, but somehow, no matter how hard we try to follow what should be some simple rules, we never seem to quite get there. But what is it? Is it a reality, a myth or some sort of marketing ploy created by someone out there in order to create mayhem and exhaustion?

The reality is that ‘work life balance’ is simply a myth, nothing more. Life is made up of more than two components therefore attempting to achieve a balance between work and life becomes impossibly challenging.

John Drury is a man who was a high achiever in the world of business; he was driven to succeed and  in his climb to the top, he did succeed in what he set out to achieve, but discovered once he got there he had paid a terrible price. Some time on, he took stock of his life and now works as a mentor, advisor, trainer and presenter to the world of business.

He is offering his many years of experience to try and highlight the very real fact, there is another way of finding success in business without sacrificing so many of the things in life that are held dear. His firm belief is that it is possible to be able to achieve everything you want, desire or require, through establishing organisation in both your work/business life and personal life. And yes, it can be done and done successfully.

As you read further into the book, the information offered makes a huge amount of sense as it talks about success, the price, the stress and the eventual realisation that to do better, you must at first have a serious ad honest conversation with yourself; search out the flaws, the areas that are not working and then confront the issues discovered.

Once this has been done and the really hard facts faced, then a healing plan can be created to help with moving on to achieving your full potential. Drury says many times throughout the book ‘most of the problems that undermine or sabotage a career or business are more likely to stem from unaddressed issues in your personal life’ with the additional homily, ‘the road to future happiness and success starts with YOU’.

His strategy is straightforward and is used as section headings:  Developing Self-respect introduces Part 1. Why, I do respect myself you say! Do you, is the Question. Part 2 looks at ways of prioritising self-care, which underpins the basic essentials in life. Part 3 introduces the subject area of implementing self-management, perhaps the hardest aspect of the three to successfully undertake, but one that is essential to good business and personal growth, as well as a happy and fulfilled life.

Much, if not all of the advice offered in the book should not be considered as just for the high flyers in business, but for anyone who is facing the challenge of, or chasing the mythical ‘work-life balance’ on a daily basis, and facing serious burnout, self-doubt, exhaustion and personal sabotage.

Enter into the world of what John Drury considers as Whole-of-life methodology and take the first steps to building a healthy, happy, holistic lifestyle you will enjoy to the full.

Author John Drury
Publisher Dennis Jones & Associates
ISBN 9780995377707
Distributor Dennis Jones & Associates
Released December 2016