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Leading Mindfully

Amanda Sinclair is like many of us in this fast paced world – too much to do and too little time. So much so that when she was forced into taking time out due to a series health issues, she realized it was time to take a look at how she lived her life and how best to be able to continue doing what she enjoyed in her working life, that of teaching and researching ‘Leadership’.

Over the course of the following year she did two major things, completed training as a yoga teacher and read widely in both Yoga and the Buddhist philosophies, both of which form the basis for understanding more about ‘Mindfulness’ and how best to use it in all aspects of our lives.

The next step was to build this philosophy into Leadership and how to better understand the effect  Leaders have on their staff or the people they integrate with and how to be able to get the best from each of these people using ‘Mindfulness’ as the underpinning strategy.

Leadership, as Sinclair points out does not begin and end within the Corporate world, it is something that is carried out by people in all walks of life; from the Mum who is managing the local junior footy team to the volunteer heading up a group of like-minded people: leadership is there and carried out by so many people over a wide section of the community on a daily basis.

The book is divided into three specific segments which deal with Leadership, Leading and Life/Living which is a simplistic way of breaking down what is enormous content, covering all aspects of Management and Leadership. In many areas Leadership is pitched at executive levels, but in reality relates overall to living life, understanding the role you play and how it effects those you work with on a daily basis, as well as how it affects you, how well you manage and the results you gain from using a different, more relaxed, mindful and integrated style of managing.

There is so much to absorb, to encourage you to look at a different style of management which will produce good results, flow on to having a happy preforming team and still allow you to cope well with the stress of modern Leadership requirements.

Overall Sinclair encourages us, which means everyone, to look further than right now, experiment with the twenty mindful practises outlined in the chapters, which are based in a variety of teaching and neuro-scientific research, as well as her many years of working, learning, teaching and living. She encourages you to discover that change, positive change, can be made and by making this change life and career can be happy, enjoyable and positive.

Although titled Leading Mindfully this is a book about managing the increasing demands of modern life. Regardless of what you do for a job or career you will find her words inspirational and enjoyable.


AuthorAmanda Sinclair
PublisherAllen & Unwin
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedMarch 2016