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Making a Difference

For almost forty years Pamela Walker has been involved as a Volunteer and paid staff member with many charitable organisations and is currently the Development Manager for the national UK charity FoodCycle, focusing on the needs of what is known as the Third Sector; those facing hardship for many and varied reasons.

The onset of COVID saw many kind, caring people concerned about the many struggling to be adequately fed, initiate many great ideas, most of which fell by the wayside due to a lack of understanding how to set up, run and manage a volunteer group or organisation.

With many years’ experience at establishing and mentoring people to make a sustainable difference within their Communities, she realised there was a great need to write down the processes, of which there are many, to bring that great idea to fruition.

Making a Difference has been written in plain language, in a very straightforward style that sets out every very necessary step; from coming up with the ‘idea’ to celebrating the success of that great idea.

Maybe your ‘idea’ has already been established and operating well within your Community or will compliment one already established, which is where the initial and ongoing research becomes so very important. A very valid point to remember always is that setting up a Volunteer group is not a lot different to establishing a small business, except there are some fundamental differences which need to be understood from the beginning.

People you wish to attract to help are Volunteers, not paid staff, therefore the management is somewhat different, the various Legislations relating to Volunteer organisations can be different and the funding of your ‘idea’ is in itself a specialist area.

Having a caring, sustainable system to manage your Volunteers, is one of the more important aspects of establishing and running a volunteer group, as without your Volunteers, your great idea will certainly fail to produce the desired outcome. Eventually some of these people may need to become paid staff as the group grows.

Although the information about various funding channels and Government regulations are for England and Wales, the information in Making a Difference is relevant to Volunteer groups world-wide.

For anyone running, thinking of establishing their ‘great idea’ or otherwise involved in a fledgling Volunteer group, Making a Difference is MUST have, MUST read as it sets out and explains every detail with clarity.

Having personally been involved in several Volunteer based groups over the years, who failed in some instances to care for their team members well, not understanding the very real difference between Volunteers and paid staff, this book would definitely have made a significant difference to the establishment, Volunteer retainment and daily operations of the Groups.

Author Pamela Walker
Publisher Free Association Books Ltd
ISBN 9781911383833
Distributor Barnes and Noble.
Released June 2023