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Rupert Murdoch – An Investigation of Political Power

Over the past year or more we have all been made well aware of Rupert Murdoch and his global news empire News Corporation due to the “phone hacking scandal’ involving the closure of the well know Daily Mail newspaper and to some who watch world news political power play diligently, it has also become apparent that more was and is at stake than just the reputation of one, albeit, long standing newspaper.

Murdoch and by association his son James, were branded squarely by the Brits as a people of little moral character. The tidal wave of media abuse by one man and his associates, previously well respected journalists and editors working under the Murdock influence, directly or indirectly, is still moving forward with the long term effects of the phone hacking scandal yet to be concluded.

Perhaps and some would say definitely one of the most powerful and influential men in today’s world Rupert Murdoch could be considered as a King Maker: A man who, without fear of retribution has used his influence to bring down government’s and have others elected in their place. He is the friend and financial backer of many of the powerbrokers of Governments worldwide.

 In this book, researched by McKnight, a picture is created of a man without scruples: A man who has wielded power to his own political ends for many decades, yet still, on one level considers himself a “pirate” in as far as any legal governance is regarded.

Born in Australia and proud of the fact that he was just an “Aussie battler” Murdoch quickly switched his allegiance to become an American Citizen in order to be able to create FOX News, something he could not do under the Australian legal governance.

Fox News along with News Corporation has since grown, along with many of Murdoch’s other media interests, to become widely influential and a terrifyingly dangerous colossus.

As you read further into this book you become steadily disillusioned by the corruption and sheer ruthlessness of Murdoch and in particular his stranglehold on influencing public thought on many subjects and areas as well as the collective opinion worldwide on climate change: an issue which is yet to reach any sort of unanimity worldwide.

McKnight presents a no-holds-barred look at political influence and one man’s dangerous, ruthless desire to be able to control world politics in his financial favour.

Everyone who has any concern for politics, climate change and media influence should read this investigative report into modern world politics. It gives a completely new imprint on the undeniable downturn in non-biased news reporting which has been prevalent in society for far more than the last past decades.

AuthorDavid McKnight
PublisherAllen & Unwin