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The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need

Timely is a word for this release as, if you live in Australia at the moment where the ‘bubble’, in relation to finance has definitely burst, changes to the Aged Pensions and Superannuation are now in effect, and the long arm of the Governments stringent cost cutting measure are beginning to bite, taking note of the very sound information detailed in this down to earth look at saving your money and investing wisely, needs to be on the top of the MUST READ list.

Scott Pape, his wife Liz along with their baby son, were just one of the many victims of the  devastating bushfires to sweep through country Victoria ten years ago, leaving their property blackened, the livestock dead or dying and their home and possessions, charred rubble lying on the ground.

Looking out at the devastation surrounding them, his wife screaming with the pain of their loss, the baby crying and shock the overwhelming emotion, he took a deep breath and said to Liz and himself, ‘I’ve got this…’ not completely understanding just what he had either ‘got’ or ‘said’.

They went out and bought an apple tree to plant as the symbol of a new beginning and although it was a small start, it was a beginning, a focus and a way forward. Some ten years on, Scott Pape and his very small beginning, have seen him grow and develop as one of the respected leaders in the world of financial investment and management, all based on his experiences of having to make it work, having to rebuild and having to set out strategies to be able to progress, rebuild and have a future of his and Liz’s choosing.

Throughout the chapters he has set out his very simple strategies for doing exactly the same thing; building wealth and building a future you can be proud off. Perhaps the strategy may not be what another sources may advise, but the most important thing recognised by Scott Pape is that life is full of issues, some larger, some smaller than others, but that these issues such as divorce, death, redundancy, natural disasters and so forth affect each of us in a different manner; but there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel for everyone on a financial basis simply by taking the first step, scary though it may be.

Each of the chapters is well laid out, written in language we can all relate to and for once, begins at the beginning, which not all books on finance seem to do. His very simple philosophy, begins with, assess your situation, take good look at where you are now, then where you want to be and then, go out to dinner and ‘put into place, The Barefoot Steps’, you really cannot go wrong; after all what have you go to lose!

Each of the Chapters or Steps conclude with a case study, offered by people from all walks of life who found themselves in a financial mess for one reason or another, all of whom have taken Pape’s advice to heart and are now happily in charge of their finances and financial future. Nothing is based on ‘rocket science’ just on plain, old fashioned common sense, knowledge relating to how Financial institutions operate and how you, by looking carefully at how you can make changes, save money and prosper.

Rounding off the information he looks at what next, in Part II as a Recap and offers you some more advice on what possibilities you may like to investigate once have achieved your goals and are looking to perhaps leaving a legacy, all of which make for interesting consideration and round out the journey to successful financial management, yours!

Get the book, read the instructions, enjoy dining out on a monthly basis and most importantly, while you accumulate financial freedom, learn to live life, because life, as most of you understand all too well, holds many unknown challenges.

Author Scott Pape
Publisher Wiley
ISBN 978-0-7303-2421-8
Website http:/
Distributor Wiley
Released November 2016