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The Power of Real Confidence Learn how to lead to your full potential

Whether you are a volunteer leader, group leader or CEO, or at aspiring to be CEO, The Power of Real Self Confidence Learning To lead To Your Full Potential by acclaimed business coach Michelle Sales is a must have, must read book. There is so much in this book that relates to a very broad spectrum of business life on just about every level, it is what can be considered as personal guide to building confidence, which will benefit you in every walk of life, not just the business arena.

Confidence is a critical component of leadership and leadership success, but how do you get it, or more to the point, how do you know what you are not doing and why, and because of this unknown component, failing to achieve the rank or level of seniority that should or could be your carer pathway.

In this powerful, no holds but nicely worded look at what is considered business confidence, and why it is such an important component of the business world, Michelle Sales presents a very clear view, backed with case studies and personal experience, to be able to maximise your leadership potential by identifying a number of the ‘barriers’ which may be blocking your progress.

Divided into three parts, each containing a workbook and reflective section, the work is meant to be read as a training course, not as a one stop, quick read, fix it all solution, which if taken and used in the way it is presented, will definitely encourage a fresh perspective, uncover some of the issues that may be holding you back and offers leaders a far clearer viewpoint on how the right kind confidence can achieve a far better result.

The four main areas discussed are Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up and Step Up, all self-explanatory, all difficult to achieve without confidence, all areas which if not undertaken with confidence will and do hold back promotional opportunities, or see them go to other less qualified, but more confident people.

She also looks at areas that should come under the scrutiny of every business aspirant such as perfectionism, fear of failure, overthinking and comparison, classing them as ‘enemies’ and the best and most productive way of dealing and understanding these issues.

Finally, Sales challenges you to walk your talk by Assessing Your Confidence and ‘reflecting back on how much progress you have made’. The tools to undertake a successful self-evaluation are provided as well as the knowledge be able to return to the appropriate chapters to help clarify or understand further the aspects that may still be undergoing change.

And absolutely finally, give yourself a huge pat on the back, for distance travelled with a massive step forward in gaining and fuller understanding of The Power of Real Confidence.

AuthorMichelle Sales
PublisherMajor Street Publicating
DistributorMichelle Sales
ReleasedJuly 2018