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The Property Wealth Blueprint: How to build a robust portfolio to generate passive income and live the life you desire

Investing is a subject that is often fraught with difficulties, a good amount of fear of the unknown and at the bottom the list of emotions, a desire to be able to become debt free, have a good work life balance and the ability to give back; to simply enjoy life.

Rasti Vaibhav learned at an early age the power of understanding finance, with the death of his father leaving the young teenager as the sole male with the task of supporting his family through the dark days.

Entrepreneurship seemed to be a natural calling as he saved up his pocket money, purchased a collector series of comic books, renting them out to friends from a stall in his parent’s backyard at a very young age. Realising that a good education was important he also understood that being competitive was a necessity to be able to succeed in a chosen field, which for him was Finance.

Over his years as an Equities Analyst and Portfolio manager for the Big 4 Banks in Australia it became apparent that property was the foundation to sound investment. The Property Wealth Blueprint is the result of his years of doing what he loves best, helping people grow their wealth.

Not an overly long book Vaibhav sets out the rules, or strategies that he has found work well to create a property wealth blueprint, which if followed will reap benefits, allowing anyone who wants to put the time and effort into developing their property portfolio to be able to make a comfortable lifestyle choice.

Chapter one sets out exactly what it is you are reading about as it asks the very pertinent question ‘Start with your why,’ which immediately makes you think about why you wish to learn more about investing and what you wish to achieve.

Many times throughout the book Vaibhav says that property investment must be taken seriously. Like any other business, a sound plan needs to be developed and an understanding of how the property market works, the highs and lows, when to buy and sell and when to use leverage, a most important aspect of expanding your property portfolio needs to be learned and understood. Effectively property investment needs to be treated like any other undertaking, researched, managed and respected.

His emphasis on developing a team of advisers and specialists to guide you in your investing is also important, as they can help you through difficult patches, even though at first glance they seem to be a waste of money that could be used to gain another property.  Relating to this is the most informative chapter, Habits of Ineffective Property Investors; those who only last one or two properties and fail to grasp opportunities, sadly many.

By the last page you will be well informed about property investment and on the road to building a sound asset base which will, over time and attention grow into achieving lifetime goals.

The Property Wealth Blueprint really is a must read for anyone who is contemplating or already in the process of building a property portfolio.

Author Rasti Viabhav
Publisher Get Rare Properties
ISBN 9780645179033
Distributor The Property Wealth Blueprint.
Released June 2021.