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Unhindered. The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity

Insecurity is the one thing that pits its strength against you; it is also a very good emotion at hiding itself away, often camouflaging itself as something else entirely, with the main purpose of making life difficult, all the while allowing you to think you are wining, but working on undermining you.

It can also be considered as fear, a word that is far easier to relate to, but also one that is seldom really acknowledged when looking at the deeper emotions that are accumulated in people’s lives, and seldom considered as the real reason that perhaps helped failure to secure the dream job; that much wanted and desired promotion or has in extreme and often not so extreme cases, resulted in on-going ill health.

Jaemin Frazer, considered as one of the prominent life coaches in Australia, has spent the past 10 years, using his words, in ‘the pursuit of solving the insecurity problem’ to the point of obsession, which has resulted in Unhindered. The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity the well set out, clearly explained rationale behind insecurity; facing the fear that comes with it and how to understand, recognising and master this somewhat debilitating emotion.

Frazer advocates that by bringing insecurity out into the light and subjecting it to rigorous scrutiny, creates the beginning of being able to banish it for good, or at the least understanding the debilitating effect insecurity has, and best how to it can be managed.

There are 7 essential practices to seeking out and destroying fear and the resultant insecurity which once accepted will allow you to be the best, without limits and successful at whatever it is you considered is your chosen goal.

The Introduction begins with two of his favourite coaching questions, which both need honest answers; if these resonate with you he says magic happens once you allow them to help you discover the problem and then allow this simple step to chart the pathway to fixing that which is wrong.

As you are reading through his discoveries and solutions formed over the past 10 years he requests, in the nicest possible way, to be brutally honest with yourself, to accept that this is you he is talking about, not some other person; to accept that facing your fears is not easy, but like many things that are cathartic, the end result is worth holding the line to achieve.

Unhindered. The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity could be your pathway into 2021, setting you free to take up whatever challenge you desire, but being able to recognise and handle the insecurity that will always be a part of the process with flair and aplomb!


Author Jaemin Frazer
Publisher Jaemin Frazer and Associates
ISBN 978-0648894209
Distributor Jaemin Frazer and Associates
Released July 2020