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The reality of doing business in this modern age is all about technology, how to use it and how to make it work to attract customers to your business, regardless of whether you are a small one-man band or a huge Corporation.

On-line marketing is the name of the game and has become a very powerful tool, used wisely and used to effect. But how best to go about harnessing the best of Facebook, Twitter, or whatever the social platform/s of your choice is something which is often misunderstood, made far too complex or time consuming, therefor not being used to full effect.

Nicola Moras is an expert in building a powerful online presence, which over the past 12 years has led to a healthy, wealthy career in financial services. She decided that she needed to branch out to help people and companies get the very best out of their digital and social media marketing and in so, doing shares her wealth of knowledge in Visible.

In Visible, she considers all aspects of modern digital marketing and treats this book as a workshop, requiring input from the reader, the business person, who truly wants to succeed in the modern, frenetic world of business.

Using her many years of experience, Nicola Moras begins with the familiar feeling of panic experienced by people trying to come to terms with the best way to market their product or service online, the avoidance tactics used when you know your online presence is calling you to post something, but what!

Moras helps, in her words, to ‘build a bridge’ across the barriers, real or perceived, to understand why you need to be a visible presence and what exactly you need to do to make this a happen in a positive and lucrative way.

Perhaps the best place to start this learning curve into the world of social media and business is on page 150 where she has created the Express Review which tells it like it is in a simple format, and then begin at the beginning to make these very salient points become the accepted norm for you and your future business success. Express Review could also be used as a goal setting exercise or your personal mantra to success.

The mantra is right throughout the book, put in the hard yards, do the activities as they are presented in the workbook, set a sensible target to achieve something positive every day towards building your business and getting a serious return on your efforts. As Nicola Moras says, you are the one who is awesome, you are the one who can drive the business and only you can meet the challenges and make the changes that are required to be at the front of your particular marketplace.

Author Nicola Moras
Publisher Vivid Publishing
ISBN 978-1-925846-30-0
Distributor Vivid Publishing
Released 2018