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1, 2, BOO! A Spooky Counting Book

What a terrific idea to create a Spooky counting book for little ones just learning to count, for a time of year which is both a huge amount of fun and a little bit spooky as well. Naturally, as it is Halloween!

In this hard cover, hard page book, perfect for very little people who love books, this will be a great fun read and the colourful illustrations with fun characters, join in teaching your little one how to count, along with some very spooky friends.

We went trick or treating, with two children dressed in Halloween costumes, commences what can almost be read as a bit of a rhyme, as a well as for counting the scary wolf, or the dancing skeletons, along with boogie kings and creepy spiders.

Bats need to have a rest in the adventure, because after all they do tend to swoop around, getting very tired and witches’ cats are definitely looking for some fun to be had. What do you think, they might think, having fun is all about?

Bright, cheerful, funny and very interactive for your children 1, 2, Boo will make this Halloween a whole lot more spooky fun in your house.

Author Paul Howard
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781526612052
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released September 2019