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Amazing Transport

Trains have been around since the 1500’s when the Germans devised a Wagonway to help move heavy ore and materials around the mines, ships have been even around longer than that, since 8040 BCE which is to date the oldest dug-out discovered in the Netherlands. Cars not so long as they actually began as a pottery wheel in 3500 BCE or thereabouts, when the wheel was invented to allow the making of bowls.

It seems a little bit incredible that so much of what we take for granted, such as high-speed travel actually began way, way, way back in history as a means to help improve the lifestyle of the people. As time evolved so to has the technology that now allows us to travel into space, fly comfortably to far destinations, drive cars at phenomenal speeds on race tracks and ride bicycles further and over far rougher terrain than ever before.

History like many things is full of fascination and fact, but when it comes to the history of transport it is even more fascinating than many other areas as we use transport every day of our lives and never give a thought as to where it all began, or how it all began.

With ever developing technology the era of the driverless cars, electronic vehicles and robotics is once again changing the face of transport pushing the dawn of a new world in transport once again.

In Amazing Transport Tom Jackson and Chris Mould have created a comic book style of Amazing Transport from its very inception, that will fascinate, educate and enthral anyone, young or old who is into things mechanical, history and the future of technology.

Each section is crammed with the timeline of the invention beginning with Trains and ending with Submarines. The history of so many of the people involved with the machines of our modern-day world, which had their beginnings so very far back in history makes Amazing Transport a very comprehensive and informative book perfect for your readers, great for with the construction of the chapters jammed with fun pages to add to the enjoyment of discovery.

AuthorTom Jackson. Illustrated Chris Mould
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedMarch 2019