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Amelie and Nanette Snowflakes and Fairy Wishes

Just in time for Christmas reading or giving is the latest from well-loved author Sophie Tilley and her much loved Amelie and Nanette as they too start to get ready for the Christmas season.

The two best friends are very excited as the end of the school years has come and they are getting ready for the Christmas play.

There is simply so much to do and too much excitement to be had as they start to make their costumes and write out their invitations.

The snow starts to fall so they decide to run outside and enjoy the softness of the falling snow but in their excitement they forget to wear their coats and hats and they both get very, very cold before they decide to go inside. They were simply having too much fun.

But Nanette starts to sneeze and feel a little funny, deciding to go home and not finish her costume for the school party. She had to stay in bed and missed all the fun to be had before Christmas.

Amelie has a surprise for Nanette to cheer her up and help to make her Christmas a little bit more special.

If you want to find out what the surprise is make sure to give your little girl a copy of this wonderful, warm-hearted look at the true meaning behind Christmas, Amelie and Nannette style.

As always this lovely story and accompanying illustrations is a book to be shared and enjoyed together on the lead up to the Festive season.

Author Sophie Tilley
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens
ISBN 9781408836644