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Arabella and the Magic Pencil

Built around the arrival of new baby into the home, this gentle and so very true story Arabella and the Magic Pencil will ensure parents of a young child and new born, will find something to smile at when the gloves seem to be off between the new arrival and the already entrenched toddler.

Life somehow, with the addition of a new baby, has just become a war zone with the rules being written by the older child, minute by minute!

Arabella is the only daughter of the duke and duchess, who thought she was just perfect. Because she was ‘royal’ and on one day each year, she was granted a special wish. She did not wish for a baby brother, he just arrived! Master Archibald Vermillion Remington XV or Avery for short, was very noisy, the master of mayhem and very, very often, annoying. And, he wrecked all of her games. Arabella was not happy, not happy at all.

Now Arabella loved Avery, of course she did, but and it was a very big but, she did not always like him so when her next special wish arrived, she wished for a magic pencil, one that could make anything she drew become real.

Can you guess what it was she drew? And what happened when one of her drawings became very, very real. Oh dear, what a mess!

Stephanie Ward has, along with Shaney Hyde and her magical illustrations, dressed up in fairy story clothing this gorgeous look at sibling rivalry, creating the perfect picture book story to read to children once their new baby brother or sister arrives at home, and things in their world as they once knew it, begin to change.

Author Stephanie Ward. Illustrations Shaney Hyde.
Publisher EK Books/ Exile Puiblishing
ISBN 9781925820010
Distributor EK
Released September 2019