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Artie and the Grime Wave

Artie and Bumshoe (not his real name of course!) somehow seem to have managed to get themselves involved with a particularly nasty group of criminals who, it appears, will stop at nothing to steal just about anything and everything, if there is some sort of money to be made at the end of the deal.

In Arties’ school there is the most terrible bully, Nate, and his even more terrible mate Wart, who just want to make poor Artie’s life a complete misery and that is not all that hard to do as, since Artie’s Dad, who was a trampoline artist died, his Mum won’t get out of bed, won’t get dressed and Artie’s Sister Lola is the boss in the house; and she is none too nice about that either.

So Poor Artie struggles to get proper shoes, eat proper food and even makes not having a bath last for days on end, when he can of course!

But, one day while Artie and Bumshoe were running away from Nate and Wart, peddling their bikes faster and faster to what they think is a secret hidden cave, they discover that a gang of thieves has also found the cave and they have made it the storage place for all the stolen good that have been taken from the town. Not only are there art works, jewellery, bicycles and furniture, there is also cages and cages full of animals.

But what to do is the question. It is not until Artie’s friend Gladys tortoise is stolen and she is deeply unhappy, the pair decide that perhaps the thieves might have  something to do with his disappearance and that they really should do something to get it back.

 That is when a rollicking good adventure begins; Aunty-boys, the weirdest woman in town and her dog Macaroni, the terrible, terrible Mayor Grime, who just happens to be Nate’s Dad, the criminals Mary and Funnel-web, a Super –Snotter and the amazing Fartex 120Y, to name just a few of the people and amazing inventions to be found in this amazing adventure, as you madly turn over the pages to find out, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

Funny, irreverent and totally right for the age 9-12 age group of boys who are into adventure, farting, snot, fun and mayhem, with the message that bullying is not all right and crime and being dishonest most certainly always comes to a very, very, sticky, messy, BAD END.


Author Richard Roxburgh
Publisher Allen & Unwin Childrens
ISBN 9781760292140
Website http:/
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released October 2016