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Athena: The Story of a Goddess

Many people have heard of Athena from Greek Mythology and know she is a Goddess, but not many know her life story. This very carefully adapted tale tells of her creation, and some of her more exciting adventures. It shows her place on Mt Olympus and how she relates to her father, Zeus, and her family.

The authors have cleverly chosen to present this book in the style of a Graphic Novel. It has a very attractive hard back cover, and is presented with double page spreads, broken up with pockets of text. There are many small and large illustrations done in the look of block print which is appropriate to the story. The book begins with an introduction to some Gods and Goddesses, some Half Gods, Heroes and Mortals.

We learn that Athena was born from Zeus’s head, and entered the world full sized, with a full suit of armour. Athena soon learnt that doing things in her own way could make the other gods angry, and she very quickly made Poseidon very angry. A large city had just been built and both the gods wanted it to be named after them.

Athena offered the people an olive tree which would always bear fruit, Poseidon offered them water, but it was salty, so the city was named Athens. Poseidon was furious and vowed to have revenge on Athena. This was rather unfortunate for the mortal people who Athena sponsored. However, that’s how the Gods showed their power.

This is a wonderful introduction to Greek Mythology for younger readers. The story tells of Athena’s role in the Trojan War, and how she persuaded the Greeks to choose Odysseus as their leader giving the idea of the Trojan Horse to him, and then watching on as the Greeks overcame Troy. We then follow Odysseus’s journey home.

 The design and layout of the pages provide an interesting and captivating addition to the text. The size of the print is very small which could be a deterrent for many. Adults would have to have a good light to read this. I’m sure there will be many other tales that follow and they will always find a new audience to captivate with thee marvellous stories.

AuthorImogen and Isabel Greengerg
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedSeptemer 2018