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Attack of the Meteor Monsters

Chris Priestley and the gang from Maudlin Towers are back in their latest lot of mayhem, Attack of the Meteor Monsters, as they try to decided just what has happened, or more importantly what is happening at their school.

Now as you Maudlin Towers fans know, life at Maudlin Towers is anything but ‘normal’, as the boys are well, a little different to begin with and so are the teachers, which is fine until something out of even their ordinary happens: it appears that a meteor, or at least something from outer space  has crashed onto Pugs Peak, which of course needs to be investigated.

Mildew and Sponge decided to set out to climb Pug’s Peak to see what they can see, because they are feeling a trifle bored after their recent adventures with the time machine, and it was certainly not a lump of cheese that fell from the sky, that is until they pass the Headmasters office where, to their horror were a group of ‘girls’, and a rather strange looking person, a woman, err maybe a woman, who was with them.

Oh boy, now what was going to happen. They do definitely discover something rather remarkable has occurred, which in itself sets the scene for another madcap adventure that actually makes them discover a few things about girls, the world and dare I say it ‘love’.

Get set for another dose of Maudlin Towers as it enters the ever-mystifying realm of space travel, or space mayhem and see how the sanity defying teachers and students of their school save the world.

Have an immense lot of fun with this latest whacky adventure and get set for the next one which will not be too far away. Was there some talk about Vikings?

Author Chris Priestley
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781408873137
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released November 2019