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Baby’s First Bank Heist

This is just the story to capture a child’s attention and sense of humour. It is written in rhyme, which adds to the humour of the story, “There were leopards in his cupboards and a beaver in the bath.” It also addresses the yearnings which some children have, and how solving these problems yourself may not be the best way. Baby Frank is desperate for a pet. His parents however feel he is too young to care for it, and, bottom line, they can’t afford a pet. Frank however, is determined to have his own animal to play with.

While out shopping one day, Frank suddenly had a thought; the best way to get some money for a pet would be to rob a bank. The interesting thing is because of his size and his determination he was successful, stuffing notes inside his romper suit. The next problem came when Frank had to decide upon a pet to buy, he wanted so many, but would have to keep them hidden from his parents. Eventually his secret was discovered, and he realized that stealing was wrong. However, all the money had been spent, so a clever plan had to be put in place to raise money to pay the bank back, one that would make money and keep everyone happy.

This is a joyful book to explore. The text and illustrations tie in so well and provide humour visually and orally. Details such as the shop names in the main street “Getaway Travel and The Robber’s Arms,” have us smiling before the story begins. The simple task of choosing a pet becomes overwhelming for Frank as he lacks any sophistication as far as choice or sensible options. As for hiding the giraffe he ordered…..

Many children love pets and all children will relate to desperately wanting something forbidden. With humour, compromise, and love this story shows how families deal with outlandish situations which can arise.

Baby’s First Bank Heist is lots of fun to read together and enjoy.

Author Jim Whalley Illustrations Stephen Collins
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408891186
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released July 2018