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Backyard Footy

Jy is a footy-crazy kid, who enjoys kicking, marking and scoring goals in his backyard. When the ball strays beyond the fence of his own home in the Kimberley, he discovers other children, who also love footy. Practicing by himself is fun, but doing it with new mates is much better; kicking around, tackling, and scoring goals, Jy is a winner!

This enriching, beautifully illustrated hard backed picture book is written by winner of the black&write! Fellowship in 2022 author Carl Merrison, respected Jaru/Kija man. It is the first in the series ‘Backyard Sports’ for young readers. The rhythmic text with a repetitive line is meaningful but simple, making it perfect for emerging readers, particularly those lacking a little confidence.

Samantha Campbell’s wonderful illustrations, reflect her life in remote communities across the Top End by not only exposing the young reader to aspects of living in outback Australia, but also to the ease with which children can make friends.

A must for all school libraries.

Author Carl Merrison. Illustrations Samantha Campbell.
Publisher Hachette Publishers. Imprint Lothian Children's Books.
ISBN 9780734421517
Distributor Hachette.
Released June 2023