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Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters


Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters is another gloriously outrageous romp in the wonderful underwater, well most of time, world but now things are changing as Paris, their part human friend, is going to move to Scotland, where her mother has bought a Loch as well as a Castle. Her mother Susan Silkensocks says that is just the place to sell her new line of Pufferfish make-up, as in her reasoning, Scotland is famous for their fish. Oh, by the way the Loch turns out to be haunted, or maybe not!

Meri Pebble, spy mermaid, is supposed to be going to be PA to the fabulously famous Sushi Sisters, but upon further investigation of the  Sushi Sisters is none too happy about what she is discovering about them. They are not at all what they seem and as the pages turn just what the Sushi Sisters are really up to with their mysterious Prank-a-thon becomes all to horribly real.

Fabulous illustrations from Jason Cockcroft help add to the mayhem as the friends Beattie, Mimi, Zelda and Steve rise to the challenge and help save the day once again. Every little girl who loves a good read full of fashion, fun and mayhem, totally zany plot lines and immensely outrageous fun, will love the fifth book in the Bad Mermaid series.

Author Sibeal Pounder. Illustrations jason Cockcrift
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN Bloomsbury Children's
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released August 2020