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Bear Out There

Jacob Grant has created a lively slightly back to front story in Bear Out There, about Bear and his best friend Spider, two friends who simply could not be more different if they tried. Bear loves nothing better than to be inside, tucked up, warm, comfortable, maybe cleaning his house or drinking a lovely cup of tea.

Spider is just exactly the opposite as he would rather be outside in the fresh air, the muddy fields having fun amongst the trees or just enjoying the warm sunshine. Somehow or other Spider talks Bear into coming outside while he flies his favourite kite, but something totally unexpected happens. Spiders kite gets lost. Oh, dear me what to do!

Because they are such friends Bear agrees, somewhat grumpily, to help Spider try and find his kite and so the friends set off through the muddy woodland paths in search of the very well-hidden kite.  But it is what happens next that make both Bear and Spider realise that their friendship is the real deal, they truly are the best of friends.

Gloriously free, colourful illustrations compliment the text making this the perfect reader for early readers, or little ones who love a good story.
Based on the principles of friendship and what is really does mean, the storyline is charming and address the issues of having to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes because that is what friends do to help one another.

Author Jacob Grant
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781681197456
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released July 2019