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Bedtime, Daddy!

In this very funny look at getting little ones off to bed, Bedtime Daddy, Sharon Giltrow and Katrin Dreiling have turned what for many parents can be a very challenging time, into one of fun, adventure and a little mayhem along the way, that does the trick perfectly.

Reversed roles add to the fun as a little Bear tries against the odds to get Daddy Bear to bed, tears, tantrums and all, as the nightly routine unfolds. Just getting Daddy into his pyjamas begins the fun, as he will try and wear them on his head, making brushing his teeth very, very difficult.

Then there is potty time and the race to see who can get to the bed first to do the best bellyflop. Storytime seems like an endless, endless amount to fun to be found in the pages, along with wanting more to eat and drink and heaps more giggles and hugs.

But finally, just when it seems Daddy is going to go to bed, he discovers MONSTERS! Oh dear, mayhem descends once again!

A classic take on every home that is graced by small children, Sharon Giltrow and Katrin Dreiling have captured almost to perfection, the drama that can be created on a nightly basis as tired children head reluctantly for bed.

Every parent will relate to Bedtime Daddy, as will every child, at the antics of little Bear and his Daddy as thankfully sleep eventually overcomes even MONSTERS; well at least for tonight!

Bedtime Daddy is destined to become an all-time favourite bedtime story for little ones and their parents everywhere.

AuthorSharon Giltrow. Illustrations Katrin Dreiling
PublisherEK/Exisle Publications
DistributorEK Books
ReleasedMay 2020