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Beware! Ralfy Rabbit and the Secret Book Biter

Ralfy Rabbit is feeling very upset; his life is not the same anymore since the arrival of his new baby brother Rodney. All Rodney ever seems to do is make huge amounts of noise and poor Ralphy can’t get any peace at all to do what he loves to do best, read books!

As you know, because you have already met Ralfy in his first story about the ‘book burglar’, he loves books; big books, small books, any sized book at all and loves nothing better, than to find somewhere quiet to snuggle up and read, but his life is now anything but peaceful and quiet.

He goes to two of his favourite places to try and get some peace: the library and the book store, but when he gets home and opens up one of his books, horror of horrors, there is a great big hole in it!

Oh, dear me what a terrible thing to have happened. Who is responsible? Every book Ralphy opened had corners chewed, pages eaten and holes all over the place. What was to be done!

After asking Mum and Dad if they knew anything, Ralfy sets out to try and find the culprit; so, he gathers up his detective kit and eventually discovers something rather intriguing. When he finds out who the book biter really is, he comes up with the perfect solution, which is what being a big brother is all about, well some of the time.

Emily Mackenzie with BEWARE! Ralfy Rabbit and the Secret Book Bitter has created fantastic story wrapped around the disruption that can come with a new addition to a household and a solution, involving the power of books, to solve a what was terribly ‘chompsome’ as well as very noisy, problem.


Author Emily MacKenzie
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781408892084
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released July 2020