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Brain-fizzing Facts Awesome Science Questions Answered

Aimed at inquisitive children who want to know all the answers to questions that you never, ever thought about, Brain Fizzing Facts is the perfect solution, as just about every one of those bizarre, amazing and astonishing questions are answered in a fascinating, cartoon, comic style look at science and all those mind blowing facts that saturate the ether.

Dr Emily Grossman answers so many of those weird and wonderful questions that intrigue and definitely need an answer in a way that will have broad appeal for a wide range of readers from beginners to adults, in fact anyone who loves anything to do with science, quiz nights and simply having some fun with gruesome, revolting and ridiculous facts.

Puzzling questions are asked such as “Which of these is getting shorter?” the answer has to be selected from several choices, with the explanation for the correct answer on the following pages.

Can and egg bounce, is also asked which is a real brain teaser. Toppling buildings as the result of an earthquake are investigated, as is which of the animal kingdom is the strongest.

Now, should you happen to be somewhere when a crocodile grabs you with its jaws, should you have read Brain Fizzing Facts, you will know how to escape!

There is something to be investigated on every page; pages which are crammed full of facts, figures, things you did and did not ever want to know, as well as facts which will exercise your brain, showing you just how awesome science really is, giving you an amazing collection of things with which to baffle, confuse and astound your friends.

Which animal uses sweat as a sunscreen? Hmmm! Well the answer lies on page 128. Enjoy the fun to be found on each and every page.


Author Dr Emily Grossman. Illustrations Alice Bowsher.
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408899175
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released October 2019