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Burping Bobby

Burping for some reason always brings big laugh the family members and friends regardless of who does the burp. Little boys in particular love burping, one wonders why but that is one of the minor facts of life. The bigger the burp the better.

So when a Hippo Burps that has to be truly something spectacular, right, and it is in Burping Bobby a very funny, laugh out loud game that sees the players select a range of foods to feed Bobby the hippo and try to be the first one to make him burp.

There is a fair bit of memory skill required in this game as you have to select a token from the table and if it is not the one you said it would be, you have to feed it to Bobby; onions, garlic, cheese, pizza and much more. Scores are kept and the game is not over until Bobby burps! Yuk!

As with many games some of the fun is building the pieces, Burping Bobby is no exception. Water is added via his detachable ears to add the steam that comes out of his mouth from time to time. There can very easily be a tied situation with this game, as it comes back to points scored in the final Burp-up, so to speak.

Fun times are ahead with this Burping Bobby and it is one that younger children will get a lot of fun from time after time. As for family fun, Burping Bobby is most definitely a fun way to spend several hours, but do add some chips and things of your own to the table so Bobby is not the only one to be fed something to eat.

Enjoy some really good Burping good fun with Burping Bobby.

Distributor Crown and Andrews/Goliath Games
Released 2020