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Butterfly Wishes 2: Tiger Streak’s Tale

Following on from the first book in this lovely series, Tiger Streaks Tale tells the story of another New Bloom who has fallen under a curse and if help does not arrive very quickly, in the form of a human child who badly needs a wish granted, Tiger Streak will lose her magic forever.

Addie and Clara are beginning to settle into their new home with the help of the beautiful, magic butterflies Sky Dance and Shimer Leaf. They have also met their new neighbour Morgan, who is in trouble with her brother for painting his new soccer ball with a very funny face.

Sky Dance and Shimmer Leaf call out to Addie and Clara that their help is needed once again, to help another New Bloom who is in serious trouble: her name is Tiger Wing and somehow she thinks she  is a bee, hanging out with another bee and making very strange sounding buzzing sounds.

Of course the girls rush off to help and have wonderful, but very scary time, trying to rescue Tiger Wing, While they are doing so they make friends with the bee called Kirby, who is really trying to help Tiger Wing and protect her from a swarm of bees sent out to capture her before the sun sets.

Morgan is the chosen one this time to help in the rescue and have one wish granted in return.

Once again a lovely, enjoyable adventure that has been beautifully written by Jennifer Castle and illustrated by Tracey Bishop, to appeal to young readers who really do love a little bit of magic and a whole lot of adventure.

Author Jennifer Castle
Publisher Bloomsbury USA Children
ISBN 9781681193748
Distributor Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Released February 2018