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Stories without words are always fascinating, as they leave the imagination free to move about to interpret the message being promoted as it will. In Capital this is totally the case, as the illustrations are simplistic, vivid and bold, allowing the message to come through loud and clear.

A man gives a small child a piggy bank. The man is obviously someone of wealth and importance and the message is already there; money is important. As the pages turn the child grows from a child into a teen and then into manhood, all the while looking after his piggy bank, adding to the contents and almost seeming to make this piggy bank the most important aspect of his world.

As the years roll along, the young man becomes a man of means, a man of money; whatever he does money is most important aspect of his life. Leisure, friendship, love and marriage take a backseat to money.

His greed to have more and more becomes out of control, destroying all he has created in his desire to use every means possible to become stupendously, insanely, immensely, wealthy.

There is a moral to this cautionary tale which will be different to everyone who takes the time to sit and really enjoy what this award winning author, Alfonso Cruz, has created.

Suitable for a wide range of ages, the tale can be viewed from many differing perspectives. Children’s interpretation of the artwork and tale would be interesting indeed, as they tend to be able to see things as they are, unclouded by preconception. Teens would have an alternative viewpoint, which would also be equally interesting and adults should use this to reflect on what is truly important in their lives.

A book which has a multitude of uses, interpretations and aspects to be pondered and one that should be considered as an addition to any library.

AuthorAlfonso Cruz
PublisherSimply Read Books
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedFebruary 2017