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Charles Darwin Scientists Who Changed the World

Charles Darwin was a man who believed in many things as a young man, entering University to study Sciences, becoming a naturalist, botanist and geologist who set the world alight, literally, when he published his confrontational book On The Origin Of Species in 1859 expanding on the theory of evolution. This was the first of several more books that were also considered as controversial.

While today this may not seem like a particularly big deal, back in 1850 the Church set the tenants of society and believed that God created animals and mankind as they were and still are in many cases.

As young man Darwin joined the expedition ship HMS Beagle which set sail from Plymouth in 1831. He had with him all the scientific equipment needed for a journey of two years, collecting flora and fauna, to map coastlines to strengthen the British Empire and to bring, what the English considered as civilisation, to the world! This voyage was to last five years.

In 1936, he and the crew of the Beagle arrived in Australia and Darwin begins to begins to wonder about the terrible plight of the local indigenous people, and his theory of natural selection, as they were dying of simple illness, while the ‘European Australians’ survived. The City of Darwin was later named in his honour.

Darwin’s theories established a chain of thought and scientific research which is still totally relevant today, and although Darwin struggled to find indisputable proof, modern science, the further discovery of fossils and a huge advance in scientific techniques and equipment, has proven his theories were correct.

His story is fascinating, his work has gone on to inspire scientists over the past 100 years and more, his legacy to the modern world is outstanding. Anita Cray has presented his story in short form, which makes awe inspiring reading and will prove to be an inspiration to any young person who is, or has, a fascination with any of the sciences.

Charles Darwin is the third book in the Scientists Who Changed the World series.

Author Anita Croy
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820706
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released 2020