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‘It’s amazing, when you close your eyes, what you can really see. Initially nothing. Darkness. But if you really try hard, searching into the darkness, an eye merges. A black pupil with a yellow iris, edges ill defined. Soon the yellow consumes the black, leaving a dandelion.’  MB Lehane

Welcome to Jacks world. Enjoy the journey!

Phoebe and Jack are twins, obviously not identical twins, but definitely twins.

Phoebe is a real brains trust and Jack, well, Jack could be but is a dreamer; a dreamer of amazing things, other world things that could and probably will, have an incredible effect on the people around him, his teachers, his mother and the school contingent of bullies! Sad that, but every school seems to have a group of bullies that love to pick on people like Jack.

Jack has a very good friend in Ty who is soccer mad, and along with Jack, loves the sweet content of the Dibble’s corner shop; sweets they get in from friends in their old country of Siberia. Quite what the Dibbles have to do with the story, other than sell sweets to Jack and his friends, as well as the school bullies, and provide a safe ‘hang-out’ for the boys, is best left up to the imagination, as they could hold the answer to Jacks dreams, or be the catalyst for his dreams, or even be a part of Jacks dreams! That is best discovered as you enter Jacks world and join him on his many missions.

There is of course Jacks mother, who also happens to be a teacher at his school and the fact that his father disappeared back when Jack and Phoebe were very small. Neither of them can remember what he looked like other than vague memories from a photograph kept in their mother’s room. Add to that the fact that Jack is always getting detention and driving his sister nuts, sets the scene for what is to come next! This, by the way, is plenty!

As Jack struggles to try and do what the teachers want him to do at school and keep out of trouble at the same time, his dreams at night are beginning to get serious; so much so that he is beginning to wonder where his dreams end and reality begins. He has met up with a mysterious, hooded stranger who seems to know a great many things about Jack, his life and his dreams and somehow, well, somehow, seems to be a part of the dreams. Actually, more than just a part, he seems to be the instigator!

The first mission with this stranger sees Jack foiling a robbery, learning to listen and do what he is told otherwise things, dangerous things, can, do and did, happen.  The stranger turns out to the ‘The Master Veriator’ and Jack, as it is discovered is a ‘Conductiod’; a being who can move between dimensions and while there work to the good of others.

Now the two have met, what comes next ranks right up there in the best of best dreams required by boys who love to dream, have a wonderful flair for adventure, put their life on the line in every dream, oops, sorry, adventure and do always of course save the, if not world, at least their family and friends.

But Jack still has to be a part of the everyday world, which along with his dreams, is becoming more and more complicated and as it turns out, ends up becoming a real, true life adventure, that not only saves lives but also the school, with Jack and his friends becoming real life hero’s.

But that is just another issue entirely! Or is it!

Conductiod is great read; one that will be enjoyed by young readers who love to travel in their minds, enjoy stepping into another dimension, and truly believe that anyone can be a hero including girls; Yep, girls, as in Phoebe, Jack’s sister and her  friend,  play a part in this hugely heroic adventure!




Author M.B. Lehane
Publisher Pounce Publications
ISBN 978-0994489401
Released May 2016