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Cowboy Pug

Cowboy Pug is a book for beginning readers, which means it has to have an interesting storyline, and text that is simple to decode. Pug, the dog is a faithful friend and ally to Lady Miranda, and always seems to be present during her various escapades.  Some of the characters such as “Running footman Will, and Running footman Liam, “may have to be explain before the story is started. Miranda seems to have a housekeeper, but no parents, a good way to have free time for adventures.

 The layout of the book is good. It has many pages of large font text, some only containing a few lines. Most of the words lend themselves to sounding out or unravelling, and there are many sight words used. The stories are also divided into chapters of about nineteen pages long, so a substantial story can emerge from each chapter.

 The illustrations are eye catching, humorous, and add to the text. They complement the text in a colourful and interesting way. The illustrations consist of full page drawings, half page drawings, and art work that meanders over two pages, breaking up the text beautifully. There are some interesting small pictures of the Witherington County Fair, showing all popular attractions, such as food stands, a Ferris wheel, and sideshows.

 Using the character of a dog (Pug) is a certain attraction for young readers, and an unsupervised girl, who has grand ideas ….what, could possibly go wrong? This is a story that will be easily read by emerging readers, and enjoyed by children as a form of adventure story.

Author Laura James: Illustrated Eglantine Ceulemans
Publisher Bloomsbury Child
ISBN 9781408866382
Distributor Bloomsbury
Released May 2017