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A baby whale is born and so the story Deep begins. His mother gently helps him to the surface to take his first breath. The reader follows the development of the calf and follows the journey of the pair across the ocean.

His mother s takes the calf on a long trail so that he can memorize the way, and she wraps herself around him when danger is present. She is developing all the skills he will need to become independent.

The illustrations are beautifully coloured and show the developing calf and his mother in a variety of situations and places. The text is a good size but occasionally is difficult to read when placed on the coloured pages. The story tells of a mother’s love and how she guides and nurtures her young one. Finally, she is able to see him make his own way on his journey.

Author Stephen Hogton. Illustrations Stephen Hogtun.
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing. Imprint Bloomsbury Children's Books
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released August 2023