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Dino Diggers – Crane Calamity

This is a lovely read-out- loud story about a team of dinosaurs, who love to build things but sometimes not everything goes according to plan with hilarious results. A host of colourful illustrations created by Chris Chatterton, show what can happen when things go wrong and someone has to come to a timely rescue.

Mr and Mrs Triceratops are building a new house for their children. Terri Dactyl is there to make sure everything goes right and see that Bruno Brachiosaurus is working hard with his crane. But it is a very hot day and Ricky Raptor is dreaming, instead of doing what he should and very nearly gets run over by Tyrone T-Rex and his digger.

The story is a wonderful play on words which little readers will discover as they meet the members of the Dino Diggers building team, going about what they do best, build houses. But it is not until Ricky decides to climb up onto some scaffolding to see what is going on as the cement is poured, that he really discovers why sometimes, it is best to do what you are told.

Fun filled pages with a wide range of text sizes, heaps of exclamation marks, and a nice, tidy storyline, there is an extra little bit at the end of the story with a free Dino and Crane to build.

Great fun to read aloud, little people will enjoy learning about dinosaurs as well as a little bit about building a house and perhaps, just possibly, doing as you are told! Well, sometimes anyway.


Author Rose Impey. Illustrations Chris Chattertom
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408872468
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released February 2018