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Do Not Open This Book Again

Following on from his first successful book,  Do Not Open This Book, Monster is on the loose again, worrying himself into a problem far, far bigger than the last one, when you simply would not do as  you were told!

Now he is back to being what he considers as ‘little, old, non-froggy normal me’, that is until he asks you or rather tells you, not to read any more, because this book is ‘very, very boring’.

But do you do as you are told, YOU DO NOT and so poor Monster, who is just doing his ironing, ends up in  real pickle and has to put on all of this clothes.

But there is a problem, because you are still reading the book and Monster is getting more and more embarrassed, until he begins to DEMAND privacy! Oh Dear me!

Fun is to be had on every page on this wonderful romp through silliness, which will delight young readers and older one, who just might simply have to help them keep on turning the pages.

Big, bold illustrations, with loud interesting text, makes this an ideal read for young and beginner readers who love an entertaining story, with so very many points for discussion along the way.

Written in expectation of the arrival of his sister’s second child, so that child would also have its own story, Andy Lee has created a wonderful fun series that will be enjoyed by children of all ages.

So, I guess you had better keep on not doing as you are told and read the book!

Author Andy Lee. Heath McKenzie (Illustrator)
Publisher Lake Press
ISBN 9781760455163
Distributor Lake Press
Released October 2017