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Do Not Open This Book

DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK, whatever I say DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOK, is guaranteed to get every child doing exactly that, opening the book, and that is why Andy Lee has agreed to have more published that just the original single copy, simply to get every child who just happens to get a copy of this book, to OPEN THE BOOK, of course.  And to have a huge amount of fun doing it!
Originally written for his nephew George, on his first birthday , a friend said this is far too good to just have one copy, what about doing more and so in true Andy Lee style he set about making sure there were lots more copies available so every child can be tempted into NOT OPENING THIS BOOK!

Right from the very first page the guy in the story,whose name we never  get to discover, is very upset that YOU are going to do the unthinkable, like open the book!

But what is he getting so upset about. He will promise you just about anything to NOT TURN THE PAGE!

The more pages that get turned the more things he promises, threatens and cajoles the reader with to NOT TURN THE PAGE!

He gets so angry even the pages turn red: he stamps, he throws tantrums, he even threatens never to speak to you again.

So what does happen when you turn the final pages? Well you will just have to buy the book and find out for yourself, or get Mum or Dad or Grandma or Grandpa or your Aunt or Uncle or friend to buy you a copy.

As a first step into in the publishing genre of children’s literature Andy Lee, one half of the intrepid duo of Hamish and Andy, has certainly created a book full of entertainment, for not just the young reader, but the person reading the book to little one. Bright, colourful and full of suspense he encourages everyone, not just the children to do something they should not, OPEN THE BOOK.

The illustrations by Heath McKenzie are bold, loud, energetic and entertaining, making it a suitable read for very little children as well as first readers and grown up readers as well.

Great fun!

AuthorAndy Lee
PublisherLake Press
DistributorLake Press
ReleasedSeptember 2016