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Do You Love Dinosaurs?

Do You Love Dinosaurs is a brightly coloured picture book begins with rules for dinosaur enthusiasts. Rule number one says, “Never turn your back on a hungry hunter.” The following pages show descriptions and illustrations of some meat-eating dinosaurs, and just how fast they can move. Next, we learn about some tiny, but fierce creatures who live on land, and some who can hunt on land and in the water.

There are large illustrations of some gentle giants and also the terrifying T Rex to pore over. The vegetarian dinosaur group is drawn along with the raptors. In fact, every dinosaur that you can think of is depicted here, with information about each one given. The raptor could run as fast as a whippet, and the stegosaurus had a very tiny brain.

Each page of the book shows different creatures and gives interesting facts about them. The illustrations are lively, varied, and colourful. Amusingly, the dinosaurs are shown in some humorous poses which alleviates any misgivings a young reader may have.

Many children become fascinated with dinosaurs and as Do Your Love Dinosaurs is a very enjoyable book it will answer many questions as well as give added explanations for the experts.

Author Matt Robertson.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781526609526
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released June 2021