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Dream Big, Little Mole

Little Mole lives in a burrow as all little Moles do, but she has big, big dreams. She often sits and watches her friends do so many things she wants to do, but knows in her heart she simply will not be able to, because after all she is a Mole and Moles can’t fly, or leap or sing out loud.

She was so sad that her huge sigh was heard by wise old Owl who said something very wise to her. ‘Just be who you are’, he said. ‘Dream big Little Mole, Be brilliant, Be you!’ So she sat and thought and though and thought about what she could possibly do that would make her so clever, so special.

What did she come up? Well, she realised the one thing Moles do very well was dig and so she decided to dig, to dig the biggest tunnel ever. She set to digging through rocks and clay and lots of other underground things which was terrific, until it was not…………..

Tom Percival and Little Mole capture perfectly every child’s dream to be special at something, to try to be the best, to discover who they really are and what they enjoy the most. Importantly he has built in the lovely message that even though things did not go quite as Little Mole had planned, because she accepted the setbacks, thought her way through the challenges and along the way, learned so much about what her special talent really was: helping others.

Lavish illustrations make Little Moles journey something rather special as she learns to Dream Big, Be Brilliant and most importantly never give up, even when the going gets tough.

Dream Big, Little Mole will captivate and charm every time it is read by children of all ages and of course their adults, who love a good story.

Author Tom Percival. Illustrated Christine Pym.
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 9781408892800
Distributor Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released March 2021